Sunday, September 13, 2009

Significance of mass-media research

Among the four methods of knowing (Tenacity, Intuition, Authority and science) , Science is regarded as the best method of knowing. Science is used in research as a method of investigation, which makes research a scientific process. Research is a method to find out fact or truth. Research is used in both natural and social sciences. Under social sciences we have communication research and mass-media research. To find out the significance of mass-media research, we must know relation between mass-media and research.

Research in mass-media is to find out fact or truth, to investigate something. Because science leads to errorless or less error results or conclusions, research helps mass-media to find out facts more dependently and systematically. Research becomes a very tool for mass-media. On the other hand mass-media research helps to find out about the whole media itself. About which way the media is running. Mass media research helps to evaluate past, situation of present and shows the way to move for future. It becomes the single way to find out about where the mass-media is going. Mass-media research helps to maintain the standards and make better ethics for media as well as informing what kind of step to be taken forward. Mass media research finds out the impact of mass media in human society. Thus it does research on human society.

If mass media research wouldn’t be there, it wouldn’t be possible to analyze the mass-media and its impacts on society or social impact on media. Research as a best way of knowing, mass media research gives the actual face of so many things about society and mass media itself. Thus the mass-media research is very significant.